EKI has completed investigation and remediation studies for a variety of contaminated sites.  We have prepared EE/CA, RI, and FS reports, QAPPs, and treatability study work plans for federal Superfund sites that are consistent with CERCLA.  EKI has assisted at RCRA facilities where hazardous waste releases have occurred by performing the RFA, RFI, interim actions, CMS, and CMI, as warranted.  In addition to our CERCLA and RCRA experience, we have helped clients with performing investigation and remediation studies necessary to satisfy state-specific and local requirements.  EKI has prepared RAPs for DTSC that comply with Section 25356.1 of Chapter 6.8 of the California Health and Safety Code and has assessed environmental conditions or achieved closure for sites in Texas under TRRP, in Massachusetts under MCP, in New Jersey under ISRA, in Louisiana under RECAP, in Maine under VRAP, and in Illinois under TACO.