EKI provides consulting services related to the assessment and mitigation of vapor intrusion. We have developed conceptual site models and performed site investigations using approaches ranging from shallow soil vapor surveys to multi-depth wells to investigate deep vadose zones, as well as the collection of sub-slab vapor and indoor air samples in commercial and residential buildings. We have conducted assessments of potential for vapor intrusion and performance of human health risk assessments, performed mitigation system pilot tests and diagnostic testing, and planned, design, and prepared drawings and specifications for vapor intrusion mitigation systems to retrofit existing commercial and residential properties and for vapor intrusion mitigation systems at new buildings. EKI also assists with air permitting, oversight during construction of vapor mitigation systems, ongoing monitoring, third-party review of vapor intrusion assessments and mitigation system designs prepared by other consultants, and external peer review of state and federal regulatory guidance. EKI advocates on behalf of clients with regulatory agencies and assistance with public participation processes that involve parties potentially impacted by vapor intrusion.