We work to recognize and add to the capabilities of our staff through a formal mentorship program as EKI endeavors to build satisfying careers for its employees. Communication within EKI is facilitated by the proximity of all project team members and frequent team meetings in each office. Moreover, all project managers are supported by an officer of the firm. This mentorship program creates a culture where mutual support is encouraged.

Positions Currently Available


1. Principal Engineer – Engineering Group Technical Lead (San Francisco Bay Area)

2. Civil/Environmental Engineer, Project Manager with 5+ years of experience (San Francisco Bay Area or Greater Sacramento Area)

3. Senior Civil Engineer (San Francisco Bay Area)

4. Mid-Level Environmental Engineer (Irvine)

5. Civil or Environmental Engineer with Stormwater Focus and 10+ years of experience (San Francisco Bay Area)

6. Environmental Scientist or Engineer with Construction and/or Industrial Stormwater Focus and 2-5 years of experience (San Francisco Bay Area)

7. Geologist/Engineer/Scientist (Northeast/Connecticut)

8. Staff Geologist/Engineer/Scientist (Northeast/Connecticut)

9. Geologist/Environmental Engineer/Environmental Scientist

For more information about positions available with our firm, or to send your resume for future hiring cycles, please contact Human Resources at career@ekiconsult.com.