EKI has assisted public, private-sector, and non-profit clients with acquisition and redevelopment of environmentally impaired properties or brownfields.  EKI has devised remedial strategies that have allowed reuse of such properties as former canneries, oil refineries, foundries, military facilities, manufactured gas plants, federal Superfund sites, bulk fuel storage facilities, and petrochemical manufacturing operations.

Knowledge of pertinent environmental regulations and an understanding of the intended reuse are essential in assisting clients with the acquisition and redevelopment of contaminated properties.  EKI is experienced in the use of purchase and sales contracts, state prospective purchaser agreements, and environmental insurance products to allocate agreed-upon environmental responsibilities among the parties involved in the transaction.  For many properties, EKI has identified cost‑effective approaches for ongoing environmental responsibilities through the implementation of risk management plans. Such plans typically indicate limited remedial activities, the land use controls to be taken to mitigate residual risks to human health and the environment, describe protocols for future subsurface activities at the property, and specify provisions to ensure long‑term compliance with the plan.