EKI supports our international clients through strategic partnerships with firms that share our dedication to quality, ingenuity and responsiveness.  Through these partnerships, EKI delivers integrated solutions and quality service around the globe.


Orbicon A/S is a Northern European knowledge-based enterprise with offices in Denmark, Sweden and the Arctic.  Orbicon provides consultancy services in the fields of nature & environment, water & waste water, technology & digital solutions and construction engineering.

Our strategic alliance with EKI Environment & Water, Inc. gives us the ability to provide quick response to clients on both side of the Atlantic.”

Per Moller-Jensen, International Director,

“We have been working together with EKI Environment & Water, Inc. for a number of years, which makes our cooperation smooth and agile.”

Ulrik N. Muushardt, Project Director,


ABO-Group consists of several consulting companies in Belgium, the Netherlands and France that provide environmental, geotechnical, soil, energy and waste consulting services. ABO-Group’s concerted approach to problem solving combines clients’ clearly defined goals with their professional integrity and dynamic know-how to obtain creative, tailor-made solutions for environmental and/or geotechnical matters.


BURGEAP is an environmental consulting firm based in France. BURGEAP has been inventing, designing, and implementing practical solutions for sustainable development for the past 70 years. Their talented engineers aim for technical excellence in environmental preservation, sustainable local and urban development, environmentally responsible businesses, and energy transition.

BURGEAP belongs to the GINGER Group and serves public as well as private clients.


RINA Group is a global network of 170 offices in 65 countries. RINA provides environmental consulting services to the oil & gas, infrastructure, power generation, waste and water management and industry markets. RINA assists clients in their path towards sustainable growth along the entire project development, from conceptual phase and siting to the permits for construction and operation and all the regulatory environmental procedures required during the operation phase of a plant or an infrastructure.