In the face of reduced reliability and availability of surface water sources, groundwater has become an increasingly important source of potable water supply for many existing and planned communities.  However, the sustainable development of groundwater resources requires addressing a unique set of threats and challenges, ranging from aquifer over-draft, well interference, and poor well performance, to contamination and subsidence.

EKI employs an expert staff of hydrogeologists with extensive experience in groundwater basin modeling, well hydraulics, basin sustainable yield estimations, groundwater management, and basin adjudication proceedings.  EKI’s groundwater services include the design, installation and testing of groundwater production wells; evaluation of well performance and rehabilitation options; numerical and analytical modeling of groundwater flow, recharge, and transport processes; assessment of aquifer storage and recovery potential; evaluation of potential impacts caused by changes in pumping; and optimizing water quality and yield.  EKI has supported multiple clients in better understanding, managing and developing their groundwater resources.