EKI has extensive experience in the treatment of sanitary and industrial wastewater.  Our capabilities include master planning; cost of service analysis and rate studies; replacement and rehabilitation of wastewater system components; pilot testing; design of wastewater storage, treatment, and disposal systems; program management for capital improvement program implementation; and construction management during project construction.  EKI has evaluated and implemented alternative wastewater disposal options, including designing zero discharge facilities and supporting clients to use reclaimed water for agricultural, golf course, and landscape irrigation.  We have also assisted clients with obtaining or complying with WDRs, NPDES, and industrial sewer permits.

Because it provides a reliable source of water supply, water reuse has become an increasingly important part of water supply portfolios in municipal, agricultural and industrial applications. In the design, permitting and implementation of water reuse systems, including those for Direct Potable Reuse or Indirect Potable Reuse, EKI provides a broad range of services to municipalities and to private sector clients (e.g., to developer and industrial clients that are involved in manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas exploration and production) that rely on water reuse to increase the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of their operations.