Water treatment is an integral part of EKI’s water services. We specialize in utilizing both conventional treatment and Membrane advanced technologies to treat water to levels that are appropriate for the intended use, whether it is for potable supply or for a reuse application. EKI has extensive experience designing and constructing water treatment systems for groundwater and surface water that address chemicals of concern such as iron, manganese, nitrates, chromium 6, arsenic, lead, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants.

Around the globe desalination technology is used for potable water production, wastewater treatment, and as a means to produce high quality water for industrial purposes.  The projected impacts of climate change and the recent, severe droughts have led to an increased interest in desalination projects to provide a reliable supply of water. The experts at EKI provide our clients with expertise in the development and permitting of projects that include the desalination of sea/ocean water or brackish groundwater for potable supply, as well as desalination for reuse projects, including for Direct Potable Reuse or Indirect Potable Reuse. EKI’s experts have been fundamental in developing and implementing desalination technologies utilizing both thermal processes and Membrane and Advanced Technologies.  EKI has the experience and in-depth technical expertise to deliver desalination projects for permanent, temporary or niche installations.