Strategic and comprehensive water resources planning is becoming increasingly important as the demand for water increases and the reliability of existing supplies decreases.

EKI provides water resources planning services to our clients addressing a wide range of technical, engineering, economic, and regulatory issues.  These services have included preparation of long-term water supply master plans, urban water management plans, water conservation plans, and SB 610-compliant water supply assessments; conducting water supply inventory assessments, including review of surface water transfer options and aquifer storage and recovery alternatives; evaluation of conjunctive use options to allow for balanced use of surface water, groundwater, and reclaimed water; evaluation of seawater intrusion in near‑marine groundwater basins; and providing water rights and basin adjudication support through the use of numerical modeling and data analysis to determine historical water use, basin safe yield, and extracted water quality.  EKI’s analysis of various water supply options includes estimates of the life-cycle costs, the supply reliability, and the feasibility of developing the various supply options, among other criteria.

EKI also supports our clients in the development of new water supplies in the form of surface water acquisitions and transfers (both with respect to the water rights and conveyance); the design, installation and testing of new groundwater production wells; the design and construction of desalination and surface water treatment facilities; and the design and construction of water recycling and reuse facilities.  EKI has also quantified the benefits of water conservation and the use of alternative sources (e.g., greywater, rainwater and stormwater) on reducing potable water demands.

We support our clients with a range of water supply development services including strategic planning, environmental and permitting support, water system design, and construction management.