The impacts of salinity and nitrate in surface water and groundwater are being felt throughout California, such as the retirement of hundreds of thousands of acres of once-productive agricultural land, and the closure of multiple water supply wells.  These impacts have led to a significant increase in state and federal regulatory oversight of water quality issues related to salinity, nitrate, and nutrients in wastewater discharges and to the quality of the water that is applied to land.  EKI provides environmental engineering and consulting services to our clients to develop practical and cost-effective solutions to comply with evolving water quality regulations related to salinity, nitrate, and nutrient management.

EKI’s services include assisting clients with obtaining and complying with waste discharge permits for land application and surface water discharges; managing recycled water system compliance; managing brine disposal from desalination processes; developing and implementing source characterization studies and monitoring programs; and developing, planning, and designing salinity and nutrient management strategies to comply with TMDLs and other evolving regulatory water quality standards that can impact existing facilities or planned projects.