Vera Nelson, P.E. will be speaking at the Sixth Annual Advanced Conference on Tribal Water in California.

EKI Vice President Vera H. Nelson, P.E. will speak at Law Seminars International’s Sixth Annual Advanced Conference on Tribal Water in California.  During the Update on State Implementation of the SGMA and the Impact on Tribes session on Tuesday, January 29th, Ms. Nelson will discuss what Tribes need to know about:

  • DWR regulations for plan contents and planning timelines;
  • Minimum thresholds;
  • What happens if the minimum thresholds are below state standards;
  • Coordination requirements
  • Evaluation and reporting provisions

Throughout her 30-year career, Ms. Nelson has worked on issues related to groundwater quality and sustainability that currently govern SGMA requirements being implemented throughout California today. She has performed extensive aquifer testing and analytical and numerical modeling to evaluate groundwater flow, subsurface chemical transport, groundwater basin conditions, and to design groundwater extraction/production wells. She is aiding in the development of Groundwater Sustainability Plans pursuant to SGMA within California and is assisting a Native American tribe in complying with a negotiated agreement with County regulators regarding use of groundwater to supply the tribe’s planned gaming and entertaining facility. In her work with Tribes, Ms. Nelson has overseen development and implementation of a monitoring program, development of the groundwater model, and preparation of monitoring reports and presentation materials for ongoing discussions with regulators.

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