Here is an article by Corey Carpenter and Emily Cook about PFAS in Drinking Water

EPA recently announced that it is proposing Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for six PFAS. See our article by Corey Carpenter, PhD, PE & Emily Cook for more information on the MCLs including funding opportunities, timing for adoption, what it means for public water utilities, and more! #PFAS #environmentalconsulting #ekiconsult

Please click the following link for the article: EPA MCLs Announced

About the Authors:

Corey Carpenter, PhD

Environmental Engineer

Dr. Carpenter’s doctoral research focused on emerging contaminant (including PFAS) measurement and treatment as well as chemical fate and transport in surface waters. His recent work includes leading a PFAS impacted groundwater treatment study and providing technical support for detection of PFAS in a municipal groundwater supply. Dr. Carpenter is published in peer-reviewed journals related to emerging contaminant identification, monitoring, and treatment as well as other surface water investigations.

Emily Cook, PhD

Environmental Engineer

Dr. Cook has gained extensive expertise in the properties, transformation, and applied treatment strategies of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) during graduate school. For her dissertation, she investigated the biotransformation of PFAS precursors with various source zone co-contaminants, activated persulfate chemical oxidation and mineralization of PFAS subclasses in the context of in situ treatment, and the toxicity of PFAS on in situ bioremediation processes.