EKI is Proud to Honor EKI Women Making History in Environmental & Water Solutions!

At EKI, we’re incredibly proud to wrap up Women’s History Month by recognizing the extraordinary contributions of the women who shape our company’s legacy and lead us toward a sustainable future.

Did you know? EKI boasts a diverse workforce including dedicated female employees who work tirelessly every day to provide top-tier environmental and water resources engineering and science services since our inception in 1989.

Meet some of the exceptional women who exemplify excellence, innovation, and leadership within our team and have been with EKI for more than 20 years:

– Michelle King, PhD – President
– Anona Dutton, PG, CHg – Vice President/Board Chair/Director of Water Resources & Engineering
– Vera Nelson, PE – Vice President/Hydrogeologist/Water Resources Engineer
– Karen Gruebel, PhD – Principal Geochemist/Environmental Engineer
– Joy Su, PE – Supervising Environmental Engineer
– Claudia Cuadrado, PE – Senior Environmental Engineer
– Teri Sweeney, MLIS – Librarian