Anona Dutton and John Fio will be speaking at the LSI Annual Sustainable Groundwater Planning in California Conference

EKI Vice President/ Director of Water Resources Anona Dutton, P.E. and Principal Hydrogeologist John Fio will speak at Law Seminars International’s Annual Sustainable Groundwater Planning in California Conference.

Water Transfer Options for Getting Water into the Basin: Complexities
and Tips for Navigating Them

Anona L. Dutton, PG, CHG , Vice President
EKI Environment & Water, Inc. / Burlingame, CA
Thursday, 25 July 2019

Anona Dutton will discuss water transfers as a key option for addressing groundwater sustainability. She will discuss development of groundwater transfer water markets within a basin and options for transferring surface water into a basin. Ms. Dutton is deeply involved in implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) throughout the State. Her experience in SGMA includes the provision of strategic and technical support for Groundwater Sustainability Agency administration and Groundwater Sustainability Plan development.

Factoring surface flow depletion into determination of sustainable yield: How the hydrology works; stream flows as a factor needing incorporation into the analysis

John L. Fio , Principal Hydrogeologist
EKI Environment & Water, Inc. / Davis, CA
Thursday, 25 July 2019

During the session, Mr. Fio will discuss ways to leverage computer models to evaluate and plan GSP management actions. Mr. Fio is a recognized expert in hydrogeological conceptual model and numerical model development, application, interpretation and review for site, water district and basin-scale projects. He provides data analysis and modeling of stream aquifer interactions in support of interstate water rights conflict and is leading the development and review of multiple GSPs and related modeling.

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