Anona Dutton and Christina Lucero to present on Groundwater Sustainability Topics at this Year’s NGWA Groundwater Summit

This year’s National Ground Water Association Groundwater Summit will be held virtually on December 7-8, 2021. This conference brings together groundwater professionals from around the globe to share knowledge, ideas, and insights to better navigate the future of the water resource industry.


Join virtually to connect with and learn from your community of geologists, engineers, and other groundwater experts through various educational sessions, including presentations addressing topics in SGMA planning and implementation by EKI’s water resource experts Anona Dutton, P.G., C.Hg., and Christina Lucero, P.G.


Anona Dutton, PG, CHg,
Director of Water Resources

Groundwater Sustainability Plans – Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Now what? (Tuesday, 7 December 2021, from 10:10 am – 10:30 am).

California has made great strides in addressing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) with the adoption and submittal of several Groundwater Sustainability Plans, but the work does not stop there. Anona Dutton, EKI’s Director of Water Resources, and a leading voice in SGMA implementation, will be speaking on “Groundwater Sustainability Plans: Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Now what?” Her presentation will point out key lessons learned from early stages of SGMA implementation, and how water agencies and GSAs can be proactive in the process.




Christina Lucero, PG

Key Findings from a Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Field Study During Groundwater Sustainability Plan Development (Wednesday, 8 December 2021, from 11:10 am – 11:30 am).

SGMA requires evaluation of groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) under the “Depletions of Interconnected Surface Waters” and/or the “Chronic Lowering of Groundwater Levels” sustainability indicators. Christina Lucero, one of EKI’s hydrogeologists, discusses the investigation and assessment of the White Wolf Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) to confirm the presence and GDEs and to support development of Sustainable Management Criteria. To proactively address the GDE issue, the White Wolf Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) conducted desktop and boots-on-the-ground field studies to catalog and classify potential GDEs using guidance documents prepared by The Nature Conservancy and others. The approach discussed in this presentation provides a clear framework for GDE investigation and analysis to fulfill the objectives outlined in the GSP Regulations and other guidance documents.

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