Michelle K. King, PhD

As President, Dr. King is responsible for the overall direction and quality control of industrial, scientific and engineering services. Her experience and background is in environmental chemistry, geological engineering, and environmental engineering. She specializes in working with clients and regulatory agencies to facilitate risk-based remedial actions for redevelopment of contaminated properties and former military bases, transfer of environmental cleanup responsibility at military bases, overseeing and performing human health risk assessments, performance of site assessments including vapor intrusion assessments, and evaluation of the fate and mobility of organic and inorganic chemicals in soil and aqueous environments. She also directs investigations of aquifers containing VOCs and metals, evaluations of groundwater treatment systems, and assessments of the potential for chemical transformations. Dr. King plays a key role in evaluating chemical and physical data from the field and identifying the processes that potentially control the ultimate fate of the chemicals of concern in environmental systems.