Karen A. Gruebel, PhD

Dr. Gruebel is a geochemist and environmental engineer with over thirty-five years of experience in field, laboratory, and modeling techniques used to evaluate the fate and mobility of organic and inorganic constituents.  Dr. Gruebel designs and implements in situ remediation in aquifers, as well as evaluates treatment techniques for drinking water, wastewater, and acid drainage.  Her academic training and project experience include aqueous geochemistry, geology, hydrogeology, hydrologic and geochemical modeling and monitoring, and traditional wastewater and potable water engineering, and hydrologic and geochemical modeling and monitoring. Dr. Gruebel is an active member of the ITRC PFAS team evaluating the fate and transport of PFOA, PFOS and other poly- and perfluoroalkly substances. Dr. Gruebel also has extensive experience working on EPA Superfund Sites governed by CERCLA and has helped clients negotiate Statements of Work with EPA to promote flexible and streamlined work scopes.  Dr. Gruebel has directed the preparation of numerous work plans, treatability studies, and design-associated documents, with an eye toward implementing effective remedies at reasonable capital and operating cost.