Edward P. Conti, PG, CEG, CHg, QISP/ToR

Mr. Edward Conti is a professional geologist with more than thirty years of experience working on groundwater and surface water quality projects, with emphasis on stormwater management, site characterization, remedial design and implementation, risk-based correction action, brownfields redevelopment, water quality and waste discharge permitting, regulatory negotiation, and litigation support.  Mr. Conti has directed projects throughout the U.S. and is recognized for his expertise at leading strategic negotiations with regulatory agencies during development of orders and permits, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits and waste discharge requirements for stormwater and industrial wastewater, and during enforcement proceedings.  His work has included assessment of industrial processes that affect wastewater and stormwater quality, toxicity evaluations, and evaluation of wastewater and stormwater treatment alternatives.

Mr. Conti has worked on due diligence assignments associated with mergers and acquisitions throughout U.S., in Canada, and in Europe. Many of these projects involved completing due diligence of, and assessing potential environmental liabilities associated with large portfolios of properties.  Facilities evaluated have included fleet vehicle maintenance, car rental, steel production, resort and manufacturing.

Engaging regularly in strategic consultation related to litigation support and regulatory compliance, Mr. Conti has provided expert consultation on culpability and cost allocation involving complex, commingled groundwater plumes; discharge of chemicals to surface water and sediment, herbicides allegedly related to forestry operations in a surface water drinking water supply; discharges of mine drainage to surface water bodies; and discharges of wood treatment chemicals including dioxins to groundwater, surface water, and sediment. He has been tasked as lead technical negotiator with regulatory agencies and agency counsel (state Attorneys General) at critical stages of enforcement and penalty determination and has followed many projects through to successful outcomes.

Mr. Conti’s work often involves characterization and remediation of dioxins in the environment.  These efforts include evaluating alternative, cost-effective chemical analysis methods and dioxin treatment technologies. His work related to dioxins has been presented at international conferences related to persistent organic pollutants.