Deepa Gandhi, PE

Ms. Gandhi is an environmental engineer with seventeen years of experience specializing in the design and implementation of innovative remediation technologies to address soil and groundwater contamination. Ms. Gandhi has managed projects over a wide range of sizes, including multiple-site client portfolios. She has particular expertise with in situ remedies involving bioremediation, permeable reactive barriers, and zero-valent iron for remediation of various compounds including chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, chromium, and petroleum hydrocarbons. Ms. Gandhi has developed closure strategies, management plans, and liability assessments for the purposes of project forecasting and strategic business decision-making using scale appropriate approaches—from formal decision-analysis models to complex spreadsheet-based forecasting tools to simple engineer’s estimates. Ms. Gandhi also has considerable experience with litigation-related projects, leading and serving on both consulting expert and testifying expert teams. Her practice is advanced through collaboration with leading researchers in the environmental science and engineering fields.