David Melycher, LSP, LEP

David Melycher assists municipal governments, regional utilities, national manufacturers, and regional commercial interests with large-scale environmental assessment and remediation projects. He provides technical and regulatory management of sites in state and federal programs including the federal RCRA Corrective Action Program, the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Program for PCBs, the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch Program, and the Connecticut Property Transfer Act Program. He is a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP) and a Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP).

Mr. Melycher manages the design, installation, and operation of remedial systems using in situ bioremediation, LNAPL and DNAPL recovery, groundwater recovery and treatment, soil excavation, soil vapor extraction, and other technologies. Mr. Melycher has achieved more than fifty regulatory closures at sites across Massachusetts under the revised MCP. He also assists clients in compliance with Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) Consent Orders requiring site remediation and environmental compliance and with the Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations.

In addition to his remediation and regulatory experience, Mr. Melycher managed post-construction stormwater sites throughout the eastern United States. He works with clients to  maintain and rehabilitate existing stormwater control measures to bring sites into compliance with state and local regulations.

For more than a decade Mr. Melycher has provided technical expert support for insurance claim disputes and litigation cases.  He works closely with attorneys to provide expert witness reports that are focused on the specific issues of the case, based on established approaches, and easy to understand. He is routinely retained as an expert witness for faulty due diligence cases for significantly contaminated sites.