Christopher S. Heppner, PhD, PG

Dr. Heppner has fifteen years of experience conducting hydrogeologic investigations in both applied and research settings.  His work has included aquifer test planning, performance, and analysis; basin safe yield and groundwater supply sufficiency assessments; groundwater flow and solute transport analytical and numerical modeling in support of hazardous waste site investigations and remedial action efficacy evaluations; watershed hydrologic response and sediment transport modeling; research into unsaturated flow and recharge processes in fractured rock; development and application of hydrologic models and data analysis tools; assessment of stream channel geomorphology; and collection of hydrologic field data in multiple environments.  Dr. Heppner has published articles in peer-reviewed journals related to recharge in fractured rock settings, watershed-scale hydrologic response simulation, and sediment transport modeling, and has presented at conferences on topics including basin sustainable yield estimation and salinity in shallow groundwater.